DATE: Thursday 7th March 2019
9.30am-4.30pm. Please register by 9.15am.
VENUE: Travellers Club, 106 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5EP

DRESS: Jacket & Tie
TUTOR: Jules Murray
CREDITS: 5 Educational Credits
COST: Member £45 | Non Member £75

Addressing the ‘Why’ of Customer Service and Supervisory skills

People can see what you do and how you do it – showing them ‘why’ you do it will go a long way in demonstrating the difference between a functional and an emotional customer experience.

Why do you care? Why do you strive to meet your customer’s needs and requirements? Why is it important to you to develop and grow your people? Why do customers continue to return to your club? Why do you care about the reason they left? Why is it important for you to lead by great example? Why should anyone be led by you? Why are you here today? 

What we will cover:

  • A high energy, interactive, enjoyable and experiential day facilitated by two dynamic professionals with a combined experience of 30 years in the hospitality industry.
  • It will focus on raising the professionalism, confidence and performance of customer-facing staff
  • It will aim to develop empathy, emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence in order to enhance the Customer’s experience
  • It will demonstrate how to build trust and great relationships
  • It will demonstrate how our mindset impacts our behaviour and performance and how it can be influenced by others
  • It will have activities for service recovery and how to turn a dissatisfied customer into a club ambassador
  • It will prompt great debate in the importance of first and last impressions
  • It will challenge perceptions of self and others
  • It will practice rapport building skills for GREAT conversations
  • It will brainstorm the ‘personal touches’ of going the extra mile and creating the ‘wow’ factor
  • It will have exercises to boost our personal resilience and well-being
  • It will show how to lead by example and consistently display the qualities of great leadership
  • It will aim to develop communication skills that promote greater diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • It will recognise the barriers to effective listening and strategies to overcome them
  • It will discuss and consider staff  motivators and employee engagement techniques for greater team involvement and performance

About Jules

Jules Murray, Director of School Training Workshops t/as Spider on the Wall Ltd, has coached, trained and mentored over 3,000 customer-facing employees and their sales leaders to enable them to achieve sustainable increases in their customer satisfaction and ultimately sales conversion results.

Jules has a Professional Certificate in Marketing accredited by CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing).