What our attendees say

“A one-stop shop that covers all areas of golf club management”

“Invaluable insight, fun, professional, for life network – priceless.”

“A great insight in to the breadth of skills required to be a club manager of the future.”

“Anybody not undertaking the course is at a clear disadvantage in the industry.”

“Thank you, I have developed an informal peer support network that I am sure will be valuable to me in the coming years.”

“Excellent platform for developing effective professional management at golf clubs in Scotland and ultimately ensuring a successful future for golf in Scotland. Thank you.”

“To meet so many likeminded people who have the same desires and issues, with whom we can discuss and find the best way forward – superb!”

“Education is the key to success. If you want to have a successful club and career, this is the best place to start.”

“Fully recommend it, amazing, loads of information to think about and you can digest, think about it and put it into action”

“The week provided me with the confidence and knowledge to take back a bit more control at the golf club.”

“Anybody not undertaking the course is at a clear disadvantage in the industry.”

“The future and possibly saviour of golf clubs in the UK and Ireland.”


“I learned more in one week than in 5 years of college”


“This week has proven to me yet again that the learning journey is never over.”


“Thought provoking – if you are not doing this course, what are you doing?”


“Educational & Entertaining. A must for Club Managers of any age!”

“Of benefit to people about to start as well an aid to people already in post”



“Lit my fire and left me with a burning desire to go ahead and continue to develop as a manager and enable me to drive my club forward.”



“I got a brilliant response back at my club to what I have learned. It was intense, hard work at times but a lot of fun and very entertaining. I learned so much, gained new friends and contacts that I know will help me for years to come. Thank you.”



“What a week, the amount of information was just phenomenal! I’m sure it will last for years and years to come and help me in my career.”


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