Frequently asked questions

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How can I find out how many credits I have towards the CCM exam?

You should first of all download the CCM Registration Form and start writing down all the educational activity you have participated in. Include everything you can think of since leaving school – we do not wnat you to miss out on credits that you are eligible for. There is a one-off Registration Fee of £75 (€95). When this is completed, send this to Sharon Reekie at the CMAE Education Office in St Andrews. After checking through your form, and verifying your claims for credits (she may need more information on some activity to help us clarify the number of credits to award you), you will be advised of how many credits you have.
NB: We are hoping to move this into an online platform as soon as possible.

As I have been managing a club for several years, why should I consider taking the CCM exam?

Taking the CCM exam will probably do one or two things for you:

  1. It will re-affirm that you are a professional club manager, not only to yourself and your fellow club managers, but perhaps more importantly, in the eyes of your club committee, members and/or owner.
  2. It will show to your employer, to the industry at large and to the next generations of club managers that certification is the way to differentiate yourself from the ordinary club member, and make yourself a valuable asset to your club.
I have some members of my club that would like to visit clubs elsewhere in Europe. Can I arrange this through the CMAE network?

Of course.  Use the Members-only LinkedIn group to post a request, for example: “I have four members travelling to Paris in three weeks time, is there a CMAE member in the area that would be able to accommodate them for a game of golf please ?”. Or you can use the ‘Search’ facility in the Members List page to find a manager at a specific club.   Please remember that whilst the CMAE membership is extensive, not every club has a CMAE member as its manager, and visitor charges may apply.

How can I find out if any club would like to consider a staff exchange programme, as I need good staff for only perhaps six months of the year?

Again, use the Members-only LinkedIn group to post a discussion, for example: “My club is very seasonal, and we need two extra greenkeepers in the six months of the summer.  Is there a club manager in the Mediterranean or Middle East that would consider a staff exchange programme with my club ?”.   Visit the Exchange Programmes on the main CMAE website page for more information.

I am going to be travelling to another part of Europe with my partner for a holiday. Would I be able to visit clubs during my holiday?

Of course.  Use the Members-only LinkedIn group or Members Listing to search for clubs in the area you are visiting.  The CMAE membership is a friendly and open group who will do their best to accommodate a colleague.  All we ask if that you make arrangements with the club manager in advance (on the day is not acceptable) and that in return, you do what you can to accommodate a CMAE member at your club if asked.

Are there any events in Europe that can I participate in that would enable me to meet other club managers from elsewhere in Europe?

Yes, the CMAE European Conference is the event where we encourage club managers from all over Europe to attend, not just to benefit from the educational presentations, workshops and discussions, but also to network and meet colleagues from other countries.