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Be part of a growing network of professionals and businesses and further your career development!
As a member you enjoy discounted rates for all educational seminars, preferential booking
for our social and networking events and a special rate for our Management Development Programmes.

 Who is eligible?

We have a range of memberships available.

Full Membership
For those working in a management role at a club.

Associate Membership
For those in the club industry, but not working at a club (eg: Consultant, Faculty, Supplier, Service Provider).

Manager in Training Membership
For those engaged in full time education, undertaking Club-based training,
holding a junior management position or seeking a career in the club management profession

Retired/Transition Membership
For those former club managers who are now retired, and for those in-between appointments.

Affiliate Membership
Applies to those club managers who are a member of one of the CMAE’s Affiliated Partners

Membership Prices


What’s in it for members?



An opportunity to gain a globally-recognised certificate in club management and to be able to prove beyond any doubt that you are qualified to do the job you are doing.  



Workshops, seminars and a European Management Diploma, together with a programme of 5 day residential courses in club management, involving en route, experiential learning and core competency training, but also a stimulating means of adding to or refreshing current knowledge.




Opting to undertake the CMAE CCM certification programme and other CMAE endorsed club management education programmes permits managers to accelerate their career prospects both within their current employment and elsewhere.




With monthly editions of our online Club Networker, together with regular press releases and attendance at our varied regional educational events on hot topics, members can stay ahead of the market by being more aware of the latest techniques and good practice.



The existing membership has a vast reservoir of ability and know-how which is readily available for other members to benefit from. Members of the CMAE subscribe to the philosophy of sharing best practice throughout the industry, so feel free to ask for advice, your colleagues are there to help.




Members participating in regional, European or international events such as the World Conference on Club Management, have a tremendous opportunity to compare notes, learn ‘new tricks’, gain a new perspective and share ideas with their counterparts from other parts of their region or other countries across the globe.


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